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When Blake first got sick and we asked for people to do something good in his honor – we never expected it to take hold like it has. Knowing that our precious little boy sparked an incredible wave of positivity touching the lives of thousands across the country and beyond is both humbling and unbelievable. This movement of kindness has been the light through the darkest of times, and has demonstrated how closely connected we all really are. We are so grateful to every single participant who has demonstrated love, caring or compassion toward someone else #ForBlake.

In Blake’s honor, we plan to continue to make a difference and positively impact people’s lives.

Good Deeds #ForBlake is a nonprofit 501c3 public benefit corporation organized to provide gestures of kindness, gifts, and other support to individuals and/or families to improve their well-being mentally, spiritually or financially. This corporation will work toward identifying those in need, encouraging acts of kindness in everyday life, organizing kindness projects, community events, and other charitable activities.

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