• Car Seat Park

    Make The World a Little Kinder

    Leah Davis / July 4, 2022

    Today marks five years since Blake first stopped breathing at our neighborhood park and this wild ride began. The rollercoaster has been both horrific and incredible. It’s one that we wish we never had... Read More

  • Lizard Square

    Wave of Kindness

    Leah Davis / April 23, 2022

    This story continues to be so special because the catalyst was simply one person talking openly about this amazing wave of kindness #ForBlake. I get chills thinking about these moments where each person, all... Read More

  • Laguna Park

    In It Together

    Leah Davis / April 22, 2022

    On this website we shared what makes a good deed – for us, there are two scenarios… It’s either a planned and intentional act of kindness/good deed, or it’s when you’re unexpectedly presented with... Read More

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