• Rob’s Hometown Spreading The Movement

    Leah Davis / January 25, 2020

    Ok, people. I am beside myself. Yesterday the journalist from Lansing State Journal (the major paper from where Rob grew up) shared the article she wrote and published. What we found out later in... Read More

  • Santa’s Magic

    Leah Davis / January 16, 2020

    There’s been a lot going on in our world over the last month or so. Many distractions from our grief over the holidays, some good – others not. But before too much time passes,... Read More

  • #ForBlake Making Headlines!

    Leah Davis / January 14, 2020

    Never thought Blake’s story would ever be among headlines like this. Further proof we need more kindness and good deeds #ForBlake in the world. Check out our interview from NPR!! Link to audio here: https://www.kpbs.org/news/2020/jan/08/little-boys-life-spawns-movement-kindness-others/ Read More

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