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Happy Heavenly Sixth Birthday

Leah Davis / April 21, 2022

Six years ago last night, we were out to dinner nearby with my sister and both sets of parents. “Where’s this baby?” “You’re not feeling any contractions yet?” Everyone was wondering when it would happen. We parted ways around 8:45pm and by 9:30 I told Rob, “Oooh, that doesn’t feel good.” A few minutes later, “Yep, these are contractions.” My sister, who has perpetually been by our side through every moment of need, arrived in 10 minutes to stay with Scarlett while we headed out to the hospital. By 11:45pm we were in Labor and Delivery. It was happening.

I admire all you women that endure this process naturally, but I was hoping for an epidural as soon as we parked the car. I had been really lucky with Scarlett’s delivery – it went smoothly, and my pain was well managed. She was a small 5lb, fit in the palm of your hand, baby. I knew from the start, this was different. Through the night I was convinced the epidural wasn’t working. The nurse had to keep giving me pep talks because I was saying “I don’t want to do this.” “I can’t do this.” She and Rob would chuckle empathetically, “There’s no turning back now.”

One diversion through the wee-hours was that we were still debating his name. We had only narrowed it down to four options, and decided to wait until we met him. At 7:06am on April 21st, our not-so-tiny baby boy arrived. Weighing in at 9lbs 4oz, he was almost double the size of his sister at birth. Not only was he immediately our smiley meatball, but we decided on the name Blake Alexander.

With initials BAD, he was also soon recognized as our big baby boy, Bad-Ass Davis. His size continued to top the charts, and his smile brightened the room. This feisty, funny, sweet, determined, and brave-beyond-words little boy was and forever will be such a special gift.

Loving and missing you every single day, Blakies… We are celebrating you today – 6 years – happy heavenly birthday. Wuv ooh always. 

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