• Delivery of Boo!

    Robin Rodig / October 18, 2023

    Delivery of Boo! #ForBlake treat bags to unsuspecting recipients in need of a small act of kindness, gesture of support, or simple smile. Good deeds in your honor always, Blakies. Read More

  • The Cycle Continues

    Cady Anderson / May 8, 2023

    A serious clean out of the kids’ bookshelves led us to a massive drop off to the local used bookstore. When you donate a book, they give you a store credit that turns into... Read More

  • Flowers & Smiles

    Cady Anderson / April 17, 2023

    The kids and I hit Trader Joe’s again for a variety of spring flowers ($7 or less in honor of Blake’s 7th birthday) and took them over to the local Senior Living home. We... Read More

  • Miles4Migrants

    Sarah Flocken / April 17, 2023

    You know me, and know that I’m not based in Maine. Still in San Diego! But I had to share this story because Maine is the location that truly matters here. I recently signed... Read More

  • Big Blake Is Growing

    Marc Rodig / March 19, 2023

    Each of the past years I post and update the growth of “Big Blake,” the giant sequoia. I can no longer measure his height and his circumference continues to impressively grow. Read More