• Big Blake Is Growing

    Marc Rodig / March 19, 2023

    Each of the past years I post and update the growth of “Big Blake,” the giant sequoia. I can no longer measure his height and his circumference continues to impressively grow. Read More

  • Treats for the Naval Hospital

    Haleigh Collie / October 31, 2022

    We usually do a few things for Blake a year. I work as a civilian contractor surgery technician at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital. Today in honor of little man Blake, we took in “boo”... Read More

  • Boo! For Blake Bags

    Robin Rodig / October 27, 2022

    Boo For Blake bags filled and ready for undercover delivery! Spreading smiles and kindness in your honor, Blakies. Miss and love you always. Read More

  • Gift of Warmth

    Robin Rodig / January 2, 2022

    First responders are incredibly near and dear to our hearts and it’s exceptionally, abnormally, remarkably cold in northern TX this weekend. A gift bag full of warm winter hats, hand warmers, chicken noodle soup,... Read More

  • Birthday Plan B

    Bo Cass / December 31, 2021

    My birthday plans this year were disrupted by quarantines & closures, so I donated #ForBlake to this charity that sends a birthday box to a child in foster care. Sharing the kindness helped me... Read More