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Sending Love This Holiday

Leah Davis / December 8, 2021

This year, like last year and the one before, we’re very contemplative about the holidays and Christmas in particular. On one hand, we push ourselves to prepare a festive, special, memorable day filled with love, warmth and laughter for our kids. We want them to experience the magic and one day look back fondly on the holidays of their childhood. AND, on the other hand, we also push through the sense of loss that one of our cubs is missing. That absence is profound, especially when actively trying to create a feeling of family togetherness. It’s hard not to think about what our now five-year-old boy might like or be interested in. Or the excitement he’d express when seeing the tree and that Santa had not forgotten him. I would love to hear the exchanges or silly squabbles he would have with Scarlett, and see the snuggles he’d give his baby sister. Life continues to be a little quieter without him, and Christmas morning will be too.

Last year we decided to channel that sadness in a different direction. Because we couldn’t watch Blake open a gift, we chose to send a gift in his honor to an unknown child. So many of you warmed our hearts by participating with us in Operation Santa through the post office. Collectively, we surprised and delighted nearly 50 children with gifts they had requested through letters to Santa in the North Pole. The thought of all the smiles and individual lives touched, was a gift to us.

This year, we plan to continue spreading kindness and holiday cheer, and hope you will consider joining us… #ForBlake. We will be arming ourselves with a few gift cards (of various amounts) and giving them to strangers when the time is right. If you’re like me, you might have a few unused gift cards already at home. If not, perhaps you could get one at your next visit to the grocery store. This time of year some people are working looooong hours, or go the extra mile for customer service. Some people are really struggling or just having a particularly frustrating day. Please consider having a gift card ($5 for a coffee or any amount) to give unexpectedly to someone you encounter this holiday season. The gesture is all that matters in Blake’s honor, but kindness cards can also be downloaded from the website. If willing, please share your good deed experiences here.

Sending lots of love out to you all (our village) this holiday season.

#forevergrateful  #gooddeedsforblake

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