Healing Lizard

A Healing Lizard

Leah Davis / November 20, 2020

Last night I came home from a long day to Scarlett meeting me on the front patio. “Mama, I have to show you something” she said. “There’s a lizard on the bench that’s not doing very well. We made a shelter for him.” She and Rob explained that this little guy seemed pretty lifeless. Its tail was mangled, his arm appeared to be in an awkward position and assumed it to be injured, it was shedding… Rob shined a light on it, and his eyes opened ever so faintly. Scarlett was able to gently pet its back without any movement from the lizzy. It wasn’t promising. She and Rob had put out a plate with some water and placed some drops right by its mouth. They created a safe space with bench cushions around and over it to create a nook and hopefully keep it safe overnight.

I didn’t have much to say as I soaked it all in. “Are you going to cry, Mama?” Scarlett asked. “Probably” I responded.

There are a few lizards that live near our front door. Of course we like seeing them, as they bring us smiles and reminders of Blake. Why this one laid in plain sight on its deathbed? I don’t know. It didn’t sit well with me. I am a lover of all living things, and a relocator of most bugs, spiders, insects (with the exception of mosquitos). While I continue to work through the concept of death as a part of life, I don’t like it. And the lizard is obviously symbolic to us, so this poor creature’s state was not taken lightly.
As the night went on, Scarlett too had an emotional reaction before bed. Lizzies remind her of her brother too, and we knew the odds weren’t good for the morning.

I was a little anxious to see what we would find this AM, and what reactions it would elicit. Fortunately, we were wrong! I slowly removed the cushion covering this little guy. His eyes opened and he lifted his head – clearly more alert to my movement. I noticed his tail had detached, and he made some small movements. I allowed some sunshine to fuel his body, and after a few more hours he was up on his feet.

We’re not sure how hurt he really is or what his future holds. In this case, it may be just a lizard, but it feels good to see signs of recovery and healing. Hope to see this newly tail-less guy scurrying around our patio.

#ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake

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