A Reminder Of How Precious Life Is

Leah Davis / January 31, 2019

Yesterday Blake’s oxygen concentrator, tanks and medical monitors were picked up. We hated the day the equipment arrived at our home, and yet never imagined it could be more painful to watch it leave.

The day they were delivered, we knew life would be different. We knew it would be hard. We didn’t know how we would do it, but knew we’d figure it out. Even though Blake didn’t depend on them regularly, just having them was a constant reminder of how serious it could get. And when we did need them, it was a reminder of how precious and fragile life can be.

So many stressors weighed on us regularly, and though we did our best, we were not able to completely normalize it all. It was scary to carry that responsibility. And it was hard. But the emptiness we feel now reveals just how intense it had been in our everyday living. We would invite that intensity back in a heartbeat if it brought back our boy. We would do anything for him. Missing every moment.

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