Leah Davis / December 21, 2020

A sincere THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the USPS Operation Santa with us this year, and also to those that found another way to spread some holiday cheer #ForBlake this holiday season. The Operation Santa program proved to be a bit more challenging than we expected – and we are grateful for those of you that endured some frustrations through the process. We ended up with 24 people on our official ForBlake team. Several people adopted multiple letters to Santa or fulfilled items for siblings. Some kids will receive a single more significant gift, and others will receive multiple items. Rob’s letter was from 7 year old Jacqueline from Oregon. She made a request for herself and her two sisters, and he fulfilled all three for that family. My little girl, Kenzi from Louisana, asked for a mermaid tail. She will be receiving a special mermaid tail blanket, a sequin mermaid bag and mermaid activity book.

I have no doubt that the parents will be shocked to receive these unexpected packages from Santa, and that collectively we will light up the faces of nearly 50 children all over the nation because of your generosity. It tears us apart that Blake will not be opening gifts alongside his sister or sharing this holiday with us – but comforting to know that his spark touched the lives of so many kids through the spirit of giving and magic of Christmas.

If you participated and have pictures of your gifts or letters – please share them with us on this post. 🙏🏼🌲✨🎅
#forevergrateful #gooddeedsforblake #iloveyousmoochie

Santa Letter Santa Letter

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