Another Bump In The Road

Leah Davis / April 29, 2018

Aaaaaand, we’re back. We were told that Blake will likely spend his life in and out of the hospital, and that the CVICU would be our home away from home. Rob and I have resigned ourselves to being comfortable with that idea as long as we don’t come emergently or by ambulance. If proactive or preventative care is what keeps our boy safe, we’ll do whatever it takes.

Monday night Blake came down with Croup. Even common respiratory issues that might be a nuisance for most, could be a threat to us. But with a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday, we thought we had it managed. Then his fever wouldn’t subside, and with little food/liquid intake we had concerns about dehydration. With a temp over 102 late Wednesday night, we decided not to chance it and spent the night in the ER.

Upon arrival, the lobby was completely filled. They gave us the disclaimer that they are extremely busy and the wait could be long. Just as the triage nurse finished that sentence we hear, “Blake Davis.” Music to our ears that we didn’t need to wait, but tough on our spirits to know he’s flagged as high risk. There was a moment of realization that we wished we were a family that had to wait for hours.

Fortunately, no interventions were needed. It was a long night of watching and listening to beeping monitors. We hoped that with another night under our belts, he would have kicked the virus.

Friday AM, we had a follow-up with the pediatrician. Blake was alert, playful and happy – the closest to his normal self we’d seen all week. We anticipated a quick in and out, but his oxygen levels proved to be lower than we had seen. That prompted our Pediatrician to connect with our Cardiologist at Rady’s. The verdict was to come in for monitoring.

We were admitted on Friday, and hope to go home tomorrow…The good news is that this is a very different visit. Blake is in good spirits and doing well. We know we are going to go home soon (with him). We know the staff, the routine, the equipment – it’s all familiar this time. We have the room next door to the one we left (which both Rob and I have nearly entered out of habit). It’s a lot lighter of a feeling with less variables and uncertainties at play.

Blake was greeted by what seemed like a welcoming committee. So many wonderful, smiling faces that contributed to his care last summer. Our nurse said, “Blake is like a celebrity! There is a constant line of people wanting to see him and say hello.” We can feel the love here and know we’re in good hands.

As always, positive thoughts, prayers and #gooddeedsforblake are appreciated. Thank you for the continued support. It truly takes a village.

#forblake #forevergrateful


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