Bonded By Blake

Leah Davis / June 17, 2019

Back in January, just two days after Blake passed (we were still in Houston), I received a message from a stranger. He thanked me for the snacks and the lizard. I had no idea what he was talking about, but loved that someone out there was doing something in Blake’s honor and that it touched an unknown family.

He said his family was from Hawaii and had been at Rady’s for more than a year, since his son was born. He shared that he had given several toys to his son for Christmas, none that he particularly liked until he got this lizard. His baby boy loved it, and he was thankful. He said, “Hope you don’t mind if we call it Blake.” It weighed heavy on my heart, but I was moved that they received something that brought their son joy and that they would speak our son’s name.

We couldn’t help but connect with this family as they were away from their family and support system, stuck at Rady’s – just as we were in Houston. Their son was waiting for a heart transplant and underwent the same emotional torture we did when undergoing evaluation for Blake’s lungs. Their son, Xander, did receive the most precious gift of a new heart a few months ago. And this family received new hope.

A week or so ago, we learned little Xander (now 18 months) wasn’t doing well. Doctors told the family that he wasn’t going to make it. After A YEAR AND A HALF, they ultimately were not going to take their boy home.

Through exchanges with the family, I learned that the same exceptional team that worked miracles with Blake was able to get Xander outside to see the sky for the first time last week. Can you imagine?

Last Sunday they sent me this beautiful and heartbreaking video of their little boy squeezing his lizard. His message left me in tears as the father said he thanked Blake for giving his son comfort when he needed something to hold on to. Tuesday Xander passed… our hearts break with theirs.

There is no question that Blake brought our families together. And in time, I hope both of our families will find peace. Please join us in sending love and comfort to this family.

#ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake #forevergrateful



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