Celebrating The Wins

Leah Davis / August 5, 2017

The winds can change direction at any given moment in this place, so we’ve become conditioned to be cautious of good news. That said, we also want to celebrate our progress and victories. So here it is… He did it! Our little Blakies (aka Bockydoo) is off the ventilator!

He’s so determined, it brings tears to our eyes. It seems like we’ve waited an eternity for this feeling and now we are able to play with our special little guy and have him engage and respond. Yesterday we saw the smiles we’ve waited a month to see. And he’s still pretty quick to wave hello and give a high five.

We are still far from understanding our new normal, but more and more grateful each day for the chance to experience it.

Our hope is that Blake just rides this wave of love and positivity you are all helping create. Much love.

#forblake #teamblake #babysteps #gooddeedsforblake



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