Community Serve Day #ForBlake

Leah Davis / March 16, 2019

It’s been several weeks since this event took place and yet I find myself thinking about it every day.

I’m continually blown away that this was all organized by people who don’t even know us personally, but heard of our situation through Scarlett’s class and school. They were moved by Blake’s story and this momentum of good deeds and kindness and chose to show their love and support through the church.

The Director of the school reached out to ask us if it would be ok to honor Blake through their community serve day. We were surprised, but loved the idea of Blake’s spirit and message being shared. And then his name was in print on their flyer. It was officially a “thing” and shared widely. And then that it was one of the largest coordinated efforts that day with more than 130 people offering their time, gifts and donations with Hope for San Diego serving Asylum Seekers in San Diego.

This volunteer group of kindhearted adults and children heard about our sweet Blake, and assembled over 300 “Blake’s Bags” with an encouragement card in each. They also created 10 fleece blankets, handmade a bookshelf and collected/delivered toys, books, towels, socks and other items to help many in need.

Just amazing…thank you to all who helped coordinate or participated in this beautiful gesture #ForBlake. ??

#gooddeedsforblake #humbled #forevergrateful


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