Donating Blood #ForBlake

Leah Davis / April 16, 2021

Friends and family – we are blown away by the level of interest and action taken for our sweet Blake this month. Our hope was to get 5 people to give a gift of life by donating blood in honor of Blake’s 5th birthday… and man have you showed up! We are beside ourselves that dozens of you volunteered without batting an eye. And several people who have given blood already, we’ve never met personally. They have just been touched by Blake’s story through someone in their life or as a recipient of a good deed. This is our proof that each good deed #ForBlake inspires the next – and witnessing the wave of kindness continuing across the country in his name is certainly a gift to us.

Our blood bank appointment is scheduled for April 21st (Blake’s birthday). How about yours?

We also get that donating blood isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not for you – maybe you’d be open to a different kind of birthday gift this month #ForBlake… Consider gifting your time to help someone in need, or doing something kind for someone unexpectedly.

Thank you for keeping Blake in your heart and continuing to share his light with the world. It means so much that his name is spoken, his story is shared and his legacy is alive. We hope you’ll continue to share your stories and experiences with us on the website so we can track his impact.

#gooddeedsforblake #forevergrateful

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