Donors Make Miracles

Leah Davis / November 27, 2018

This is a tough conversation every time we have it. Our medical team keeps us informed that it’s a possibility Blake may require a lung transplant one day, and we need to be proactive and prepared. We know several transplant families, and have seen beautiful new lives emerge because of these selfless gifts – but the mere thought of going down that path is incredibly difficult. For now, our family will continue to stay focused on a healthy future.

Coincidentally, after my hip surgery two weeks ago, I received a card sharing that part of my bone grafts were donated tissue/bone material. It explained the benefits of organ and tissue donation for which now I am a recipient. That donation will help me to develop strong bone allowing me to walk for many years to come. #grateful

My birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, and that was also the day my drivers license expired. I renewed it online and smiled when I got to the question to be a donor. I have already listed myself as a donor for many years, but this time this question was personal and easy to answer without hesitation. Giving hope to others in often hopeless and desperate times would be my honor. Another reason to be #thankful.

The next time you have an opportunity to be a donor, please consider marking yes. Do what’s right for you, but this time it is personal. Do it #forblake and the countless others deserving of another lease on life. We’ve seen miracles first hand because of a donor, and you could be someone’s miracle.

Give the gift of life:

#givingtuesday #forevergrateful #teamblake #donatelife #miraclesdohappen


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