Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura

Leah Davis / November 25, 2020

Some days there are just no words. We’re a little behind here, but still speechless and overcome with gratitude. A few weeks ago there was a surge of people joining this group and more activity on the ForBlake.org website. We know there are many good deeds being spread regularly and love to see the kindness continue in Blake’s honor. After some investigation we found the source of the recent interest – and couldn’t be more surprised. Dr. Laura (THE Dr. Laura) had caught wind of Blake’s legacy and shared our downloadable kindness cards on her FB page (to nearly 1.7 million fans, mind you).

We never know where Blake’s story will travel, but we’re so grateful for the hearts and lives it touches.

Thank you all for keeping Blake’s spirit alive and the kindness spreading. AND THANK YOU to Dr Laura Schlessinger!
#forevergrateful #ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake

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