During This Unpredictable Chapter, We Thank You

Leah Davis / September 22, 2017

Team Blake,
There really are no words to adequately thank you. We have no doubt that you helped create this incredible miracle that allowed us to bring Blake home! It’s a true testament of the positive energy, light, love and prayer you put out there for our little guy. We believe the good thoughts, acts of kindness, lizard sightings and collective belief that he can overcome the odds got us to this day.

It’s exciting to be home, snuggle both of our kiddos and relax on our own furniture, but it’s terrifying at the same time. While we’ve built a lot of confidence over the last few weeks, we’ve been stripped of around-the-clock monitoring and care. It’s a bit intimidating to know all the responsibility is now on our shoulders.

It would be easy to think that if we were released from the hospital, Blake must be better. Really, it means Blake (thankfully) survived an unforeseen crisis. Now reality is managing treatment for a severe heart and lung condition, being cautious of his activity level and avoid allowing him to get too worked up (he’s a toddler mind you), weaning off drugs to limit withdrawals, carefully preparing liquids and meds to a safe consistency, monitoring his ability to swallow, using oxygen while sleeping, and helping correct his left eye which was affected while on life support. Most importantly we will be doing everything in our power to prevent another scary life-threatening event.

So, after an 11 week stay at the hospital, this is now just the beginning of a new, unpredictable chapter. There is no road map for us, but we would be most thankful if you’ll continue to be by our side, keep Blake in your hearts through good thoughts and actions, and believe, as we do, that he is meant to live a long, extraordinary life.

We are forever grateful. ?❤️

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