Energy Matters

Leah Davis / February 18, 2018

For 7-8 weeks we didn’t know if our son was going to survive. It took more than modern medicine. It took something larger that we will likely never fully comprehend, but will be forever grateful for. Some sent prayer, others love, light or hopeful thoughts. No matter the name or religious foundation, all of the good, positive intentions made a difference for us and for Blake.

Since the very first week in the hospital, we worked with Duane Kenney, our amazing energy healer. He helped keep us grounded in gratitude and focused on a positive outcome. He continually worked on Blake and helped give our family strength in desperate times of need. We also utilized Healing Touch through the hospital. Lisa Thompson, who runs the program, also worked with Blake’s energy field to give his body the opportunity to respond at its highest ability.

Several weeks into our hospital stay, another friend who does energy work wanted to help. Without any awareness, she acknowledged that she could feel the presence and energy of both a man and a woman working with Blake. Different than the others, she had the ability to see colors and shapes and clearly saw the color purple, which represented the universe, warmly and safely encasing Blake, only allowing good into his body. Not that we needed confirmation, but her assessment gave us a boost in confidence in our choice to incorporate energy work as part of Blake’s treatment.

Today I finished my level one Healing Touch class taught by Lisa from Rady’s. I don’t know how these learnings will play out in my future, but I know it’s a part of a master plan. Apparently the energy of a parent can have profound effects, and I intend to continue to work on Blake.

As a parent, there was nothing worse than feeling completely helpless, and at times hopeless. And though I too have a certain level of skepticism, this practice is something I can do, something I can offer.

The universe works in strange ways, but I believe it speaks to us if we listen. Last week, Blake spoke his first color. It was purple (pronounced puh-poh). Coincidence?

And today, as I was leaving my energy training and drove by the hospital, what pulled out in front of me? Ambulance #24 – the very ambulance that Blake was revived and transported in. My arms filled with goosebumps and my eyes with tears. That vehicle driving away from the hospital in that moment gave me comfort that we are going to get through this. We will one day put this behind us, and our energy will be the difference. We are going to do whatever it takes #forblake. We love you bud.

#forevergrateful #gooddeedsforblake


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