Forever Changed, But Forever Grateful

Leah Davis / July 2, 2019

Anniversaries, milestones and holidays are tough, and this week we’re plagued by two. Today marks six months since Blake passed, and Thursday (4th of July) is two years since this nightmare began. It’s been six months since I held him tight, and two years since he died in my arms, the first time.

We were once told that some families get a terrible diagnosis, but in a safe clinical setting. Some people have a traumatic life-changing event or injury and are forced to find a new and different path forward. We beat the odds and experienced a traumatic event, terrible diagnosis and wild ride with giant, unpredictable switchbacks between near death and seemingly real recovery. A ride with an abrupt, unexpected ending that has led us here, to profound loss.

The minutes and hours of both of these days are branded in our minds, on replay. It’s strange to experience moments so incredibly life-changing and yet life around us goes on like things are unchanged.

Only one thing is truly unchanged, and that is our unconditional love for this one amazing little boy. We are forever changed, but forever grateful #ForBlake.

Bockies, we will love and honor you every day of our lives.

#forevergrateful #gooddeedsforblake #iloveyousmoochie


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