Forever Grateful For Station 24

Leah Davis / October 14, 2018

Today is the first wear for this awesome shirt. We had no idea that first responders did things like this, but man was it special. When Blake was originally revived, the medics delivered us to Scripps, the closest hospital to our house. He was stabilized there and then moved on to Rady’s a few hours later. This team of amazing medics followed up on Blake a week later, tracked him to a different hospital than where they left us and brought him this shirt. Sadly, Blake’s condition had worsened and they found him in the CVICU on ECMO.

At the time, this shirt was WAY too big for Blake at 14 months old. It was such a special delivery though and we envisioned the day this shirt would fit. Today was that day. Thank you Station 24!

#forevergrateful #teamblake #forblake #SDFD


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