Good Deeds Spread To Utah

Leah Davis / February 5, 2019

I am writing in this moment with the biggest smile on my face. A long-time friend that goes back to my college days reached out to me tonight. She told me that her husband is out in Lehi, Utah for business. He had just been at a Starbucks and his coffee was purchased for him FOR BLAKE. In Utah! They live here in San Diego. My brother lives in Utah, but not that area and I confirmed it wasn’t him. Was it you???

We can’t fully grasp it, but know this special “thing” is spreading. It’s amazing really. There have been several other wonderful small world scenarios over the last year, and each is an extraordinary reminder that we are all connected. The way we intertwine matters, though we may not understand it.

Honestly, if you want to know what you can do for our family, this is it. It is incredibly heart warming to feel the love by all of you supporting us, and to think that this beautiful legacy #ForBlake could take flight.

So many of you are already doing good deeds or remarkable things out there in Blake’s name. Some of you, daily. There aren’t enough thank yous. Many of them we hear about though not shared on this page, and I’m sure a greater number of them we don’t know about. Big or small, they are all special and add up. It sounds silly to ask that you please post them, but really that is the only way for these stories and unexpected connections to come to light.

If you have done a good deed or random act of kindness for Blake, please tell us. We get that you’re not looking for a pat on the back for doing something nice, you’re doing it because you care about us and in honor of Blake.

And if you have joined this group because someone told you the story and it inspired you or you’ve been the recipient of a good deed yourself, please share that too. It’s hard to comprehend that there are complete strangers in this group that have become part of this unbelievable story, but thank you. Your engagement is proof of momentum. We are all part of something bigger. Something beautiful.

A very special family friend created these messages below. She passes them out with the good deeds she does regularly. ❤️ They help tell Blake’s story and encourage people to pay it forward. Feel free to print and use them. Some people tell Blake’s story verbally. Others just write the hashtag #forblake. If you are doing something intentional because you are thinking of our sweet little boy, we will graciously accept that gesture.

Each of you are helping to lift our spirits. Thank you for helping mend our hearts. We are forever grateful. ??

#forevergrateful #forblake #gooddeedsforblake #teamblake


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