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Leah Davis / November 17, 2017

We’ll trade some of your good energy for some good news! We’ve shared that we have a lot of appointments, well… Blake is followed by (ready for this?) cardiology, pulmonology, ontalaranolgy/ENT, opthamology, gastroenterology, hematology, our pediatrician and he also has appointments for labs/vaccines. Oh, and we threw in a dentist appointment for good measure.

Fortunately, after 6 weeks at home and lots of TLC, here’s some positive news:
? Cardiology: We had our first outpatient Echocardiogram and it showed that Blake’s heart is still functioning well! Music to our ears! (And a big relief!)
? ENT: They did an ultrasound on Blake’s neck at our recent appointment, and while we don’t know metrics, it showed movement of BOTH vocal chords. He had one that was paralyzed, but it’s coming back!
? Ophthalmology: Our doc was very pleased with the improvement of Blake’s left eye. It’s getting stronger and tracking better!

We’re navigating uncharted territory with very complicated issues, but we are thankful for every small milestone met and will be celebrating each victory along the way.

Thank you for your continued prayers, good thoughts and good deeds – they continue to make a difference! ?❤️

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