Heart Full From Special Interactions

Leah Davis / May 3, 2021

On Blake’s birthday, as planned, Rob and I went to donate blood. That was our own personal good deed to honor Blake and help fill our hearts that day. We know all too well the importance of blood, tissue and organ donation – and this was our small part in helping someone in need.

What I didn’t expect was my experience with some of the staff members. The woman who screened us asked what brought us in or prompted this donation – so I told her. She listened intently, expressed her interest in reading the many good deed stories on the website, and asked for one of the kindness cards for herself. I thanked her and moved on to my blood draw with a smile.

This was my first time giving blood. I’m not afraid of needles and I’ve been a human pin cushion myself for several medical issues, so the idea didn’t bother me… but for some reason I was nervous. I sat there waiting as the technician got everything set up around me. I pulled out another kindness card and just sat patiently admiring my little boy’s face, and finding peace knowing I was doing this for him. The woman then said, “Are you giving blood for Blake?” With a strange look, I picked up my head to look at her and replied, “Yes. He’s my son.” She said, “Oh wow. I heard all about him last week from someone else that was in here.” Of course due to privacy, she couldn’t disclose who – but it didn’t matter. In that moment, my heart was full. It’s those special interactions or hearing of those touched by Blake’s story that are the biggest gift.

We had hoped to get 5 people to give blood for Blake’s 5th birthday… and we had more than 25 of you donate! Plus, 6 other people that attempted, but for whatever reason were unable to give blood that day. Your efforts still count. Thank you all for being superheroes, and giving the gift of life in celebration of our little guy.

#forevergrateful #ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake

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