His Spirit Is Always Surrounding Us

Leah Davis / January 15, 2019

Blake was born on the day Prince died – 4/21/16. I was in labor when I got a text from my coworker, and fanatic, that we should name him Prince. Coincidentally, the first color Blake spoke was “puh-poh”. Not an easy one. In our first go-round at the hospital we had an energy healer tell us she saw him encased in a purple aura. In that instance, purple represented the universe holding him tightly and safely.

A few days after Blake passed, Rob and I took Scarlett to the Aquarium in Houston. She has been our best therapy and we wanted to encourage smiles on her face, which in turn are infectious.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a Prince song. Are they on all the time? Sure, but this time it felt like a reminder. At the aquarium we expected to see all marine life, but ironically there were four exhibits with lizards. Rob and I would just exchange looks. No words were needed.

Outside at one point I looked up to see one single blue balloon meandering way up high. I watched that balloon until it was out of sight. That balloon brought me to tears. I couldn’t help but think of our vision of Blake as a grown man returning to the ICU giving out balloons as a sign of hope and gratitude. Instead I interpreted that single blue balloon as a sign of love and gratitude being delivered to him. We just love him so much.

That day I felt like he was surrounding us. He was everywhere. He was with us. Other days, though, I haven’t felt the same. Though some feelings or reminders may evoke unexpected emotion, I’d rather feel it and move through it than ignore it or not experience it at all. We are painfully paying for the price of love. An unconditional love that we would never trade. We’re affected by all the love we have or want to give to Blake, with nowhere to direct it. That’s grief, and he’s worth it.

I see signs and interpret things daily. Maybe that’s weird. I’m ok with that. Everyone believes a little something different about the other side, and we are open to it all.

A few people have shared that they have had a sign from above or experienced reminders of Blake. One had a vision, another a dream of him safely cared for by their loved ones that had passed. I would never ask that anyone feel the need to share that type of thing publicly, but Rob and I would love it if you would share them with us directly. There’s nothing too odd or too strange, or that would make us too emotional. Our hearts are warmed by the idea that Blake is in yours.

He’s our special prince, and we are forever grateful #forblake.

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