It’s Not Easy But We Are Grateful

Leah Davis / September 3, 2017


It’s been two months, or 9 weeks, or 62 days…but who’s counting? Our little man is hanging in there and continues to amaze us each day.

I hesitate to share such specific info, but think you should know that you are all part of this miracle. We’ve been monitoring countless data points over the last few months, however just recently learned about one that we cannot stop thinking about…

There is a numeric indicator for heart failure. The lower the better, over 100 is abnormal and risk increases with higher numbers. Blake is currently at 15 – which is amazing! On July 9th, the day we went on ECMO, he was at 3060. That is not a typo. Three THOUSAND sixty. The only thing more unbelievable is that just 5 days before we thought we had a perfectly healthy baby boy.

Unfortunately, this ride doesn’t end for us when we leave the hospital, but we are thankful that day will come. He has come so far, it’s incredible! Clearly the Dr’s and nurses made all the right decisions, and the various forms of life support did exactly what they’re intended to do, but there is no question that Blake’s story is one of divine intervention. Your prayers, love, good thoughts and deeds honoring Blake have helped keep him here with us, where he belongs. Thank you. ❤️?

#forblake #teamblake #gooddeedsforblake #babysteps

(For a few minutes today, we were lucky enough to enjoy his face with no tubes and no tape. Love this beautiful boy!)

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