Late Nights And Happy Tears

Leah Davis / May 8, 2018

This is what 3:30am looks like. What you can’t see is my heart bursting with joy and happy tears falling down my cheeks. Since we got home last week, Blake has had a cannula taped to his face for oxygen and a medical grade pulse-ox strapped to his toe for monitoring while he sleeps. He’s been connected to these two machines on both ends and I’ve been sleeping next to him to ensure his nighttime alligator rolls don’t get him tangled in the cords (or set off too many false alarms).

It’s been over a week, but his oxygen saturation levels obviously needed some time to bounce back. This is now the 2nd night he’s been on the monitor but not on the oxygen. He’s currently snoring up a storm and curled up like a snail, but with O2 sitting at 99, we are both breathing a little easier.

#lovethatguy #forblake #forevergrateful


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