Life Lessons

Leah Davis / April 2, 2018

A few days ago a woman shared with me her belief that during each person’s lifetime they serve as a student and teacher to those around them. She said, “Perhaps Blake entered this world as a teacher.” That single statement has had me thinking ever since.

Here I thought, as a parent, I would spend my lifetime teaching him. But in just a short time he has taught profound life lessons, and done so with no words.

Among the many lessons, together we witnessed how one small ripple of kindness created a wave of positivity. Perhaps it’s not just me he is teaching…

While we’ll never fully understand anyone’s path, purpose or destiny, I know I am blessed to be this little boy’s mom. I feel lucky to have the fullness and enrichment that his special soul brings to my life and into this world.

#forblake #teamblake #forevergrateful #gooddeedsforblake

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