Milestones Bring Mixed Feelings

Leah Davis / September 4, 2019

We appropriately planned for a morning of mixed feelings. Emotions at both ends of the spectrum are the norm for milestones or experiences that would be a first. Today our sweet Scarlett was so excited to start her 2nd year of preschool. She received a perfectly timed greeting from her best friend upon arrival and couldn’t wait to be in her new classroom.

Though recently we shared some sadness. She reflected on something we told her a long time ago. When in school last year we had said, “Next year your brother will go to school with you.” Last week she asked us, “Is Bocko going to come to school with me? You told me he would.”

Her memory is so sharp, and feelings are very real. We know she understands, but like us, she just wants him to come back. She asks really smart questions, but ones with no shortage of heartache.

Today would have been Blake’s first day of school. A day we hoped to see many of. There’s no way to stop the train of thoughts, but we try to stay focused on this special little one.

For all the moments we know will be missed, we are still so grateful for those that we had.

#forevergrateful #forblake


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