More Questions Than Answers

Leah Davis / December 12, 2018

Team Blake – we need you. We’ve just stepped back onto the rollercoaster and could use your love, positivity, support and prayers.

Blake stopped breathing again Sunday morning. We had hoped to never repeat the terrifying experience in the park, but we were not that fortunate. There has been a long stretch of him looking and feeling good, acting like a 2 year old should. It was just starting to feel like we were getting a handle on things. Our most recent checkup went well with an echo showing his condition in “moderate” levels, but obviously things changed fast. Sunday morning out of the blue Blake said his chest hurts. We didn’t even know he knew the word “chest”. Within minutes, he faded. We immediately called for an ambulance.

The medics showed up quickly (thank God). I had Scarlett out front attempting to separate her from what she was witnessing. As the team filed inside with stretchers and equipment I saw one familiar face. It was the same woman medic that had revived Blake on the 4th of July. We met and connected with Carolyn at Blake’s celebration in the park this past year and have communicated a few times since. As she was coming toward me, I said “Carolyn! It’s us. It’s Blake.” I watched her face change from recognition to empathy to determination. She grabbed and kissed my hand and said “We’ve got this.”

For a second time, our baby was taken away by ambulance. Rob accompanied Blake this time and I waited, comforting Scarlett until my sister arrived. Carolyn was wonderful enough to text me that Blake was breathing and ok. This time they got him stable enough to make it direct to Rady’s instead of the closest hospital. Blake was then transferred into the Emergency Department and the medics took off.

Apparently, in the ambulance Rob tried to make our little guy smile by joking with him and telling the team about Blake’s recent discovery and obsession with Cinnamon Life cereal. Well, not long after their departure a delivery showed up. Carolyn and our other heroes from Station 24, went to the grocery store and returned to the Emergency Department to give Blake his favorite cereal.

When I arrived, the medics had left. I found Rob and Blake accompanied by something I have to take as a sign… our son’s name written over the word LIFE, delivered by the first responder that has now helped save him twice. She is our angel on earth.

We have since been transferred to the CVICU, and this new traumatic event is leading us to more questions than answers.

Please help us rally. We’d appreciate your good energy, positive thoughts, prayers and vibes. Share any lizard sightings, as the symbolism means so much to our family. He could use some good karma, so please choose to be kind and open to some #gooddeedsforblake. We’ll continue to tell him about the impact he is having. Ultimately, please help us stay focused on positive outcomes. This little boy has more work to do in this world.

#forevergrateful #forblake #teamblake #station24 #webelieveinmiracles


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