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Never Could Have Imagined

Leah Davis / January 2, 2021

On this anniversary of Blake’s passing, we remain saddened by our reality of life without him, humbled by your continued support and also overcome with gratitude for the incredible things that have come to life.

Last year around this time, I remember having an honest conversation with my friend and colleague. When asked about this growing “thing” happening #ForBlake, I shared that Rob and I didn’t really have a plan or a vision. We just knew that it was unfolding organically. We’ve never experienced anything like this and didn’t know how to channel it or where we hoped it would go. He said, “Think of it like planting a garden. All you can do is plant the seeds and see what blooms.”

And now, we could have never imagined some of the opportunities that have blossomed and the incredible wave of kindness that continues to spread in Blake’s honor. 2020 was a tough year that affected us all, but the #ForBlake movement of good deeds somehow made it from your conversations to mainstream media – 2 radio stations, 3 newspapers, 4 TV networks, across 49 billboards (from California to Oklahoma) and all the way to Times Square – touching the lives of thousands across the country.

Our sincerest thank you for helping Blake’s light shine bright. We continue to be amazed by your support, and the heart-warming stories of people’s experiences inspired by our little guy. We hope you’ll consider a few more good deeds this year, as the world needs them right now.

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