New Year, New Story

Leah Davis / July 4, 2018

The gravity of our experience hits us in a lot of different ways. Today we made a point to deliver some goodies to Station 24 as a thank you. Unintentionally, our timing put us there nearly to the minute of being in the ambulance last year. As we arrived, that very ambulance was just returning from a call.

What blew my mind was that these guys witness and respond to traumatic situations nearly every shift, yet what stood out most today was one of them saying, “Man, I share your story all the time. Your son really is a miracle.” I personally wish our story was far less interesting, but if it can help educate their team or help someone else survive, it’s worth telling.

Last year, nothing went as anticipated. We never got our littles into their red, white and blues. We didn’t make it to the family BBQ…But today was a different story.

Family + dinner + fireworks = priceless.


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