Crack In The Track

On Tough Days

Leah Davis / January 11, 2021

On tough days it’s really special to have this outlet #ForBlake. While we don’t get to spend time with him physically, we find ourselves fortunate to have a way to focus on and spend our time doing something in his honor. This year, on Jan 2 – the anniversary of his passing – we planned an activity for ourselves. We purchased 10 copies of each of Blake’s three favorite books:

🔸Little Blue Truck is a sweet story about helping others, and in return others will help you when you need it.

🔸A Crack in the Track is a Thomas the Train book that has lessons of being patient, taking turns, and learning that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

🔸The Pout-Pout Fish is a silly story that always made Blake laugh – and as the story goes, we decided instead of “dreary-wearies,” we would go out and spread “cheery-cheeries” all over the place.

We have received a fair amount of feedback, especially from parents of young children, about how the kindness cards have been a tool to start conversations with their kids. They’ve told us that they have opened doors to giving, community activities and altruistic behavior that perhaps they didn’t focus on before. We love that they are well-received, help spread Blake’s story and encourage others to pay it forward.

With those things in mind, we used the downloadable #ForBlake kindness cards from the website, cut them out and taped them to the inside of the 30 books. We spent a few hours that afternoon driving to 14 different Free Little Libraries around San Diego. We hope that countless families get the same joy out of those books that we got with Blake. And perhaps Blake’s story will resonate with some families that choose these books, and a few more good deeds will be spread.

#forevergrateful #ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake

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