Our Mini Mayor

Leah Davis / August 14, 2017

Meet the Mayor!

This guy has been warming our hearts all week long. It’s still so hard to wrap our heads around him having a severe lung/heart condition when he looks so good. He’s come so far and we want you to share in our celebration. In this case, the Blake parade! ?

This has been the first week without curveballs or setbacks. Previously, any good news had been followed by something bad or a new issue to deal with, and sadly we’ve learned to brace for the impact of the next hit. Instead, we’re hoping this could be a true turning of the tide.

Since extubation, we’ve seen steady advancements and weaned off of several medications. Even the conversations with Dr’s and nurses have changed. We now talk about WHEN he goes home, not just the next goal. It’s painful to think about, but it was just a few weeks ago that we weren’t confident that day would come. We feel truly blessed that he has come this far and know this is just the start of our new life with Blake.

Yesterday, this little guy melted the hearts of everyone in our pod. Cheers and celebration for this little fighter leaving his room for first time. It was the purest of joy to see the smile on his face and the sincere pride and happiness of the extensive team that has contributed to his care.

We have a winding road ahead, so please continue to send your love, prayers, thoughts, stories and support – it’s working and we can’t thank you enough. ❤️



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