Scarlett’s Endless Love

Leah Davis / December 2, 2018

Our little girl is our hero today. She’s so in tune with everything going on, I often worry about how it affects her. Last night she woke us up in the middle of the night saying she was scared because she heard beeping. Turns out Blake’s medicine pump was malfunctioning and alarming. We had to assess him, the pump and redo his line at 3:40AM. After three calls to the pharmacy nurse, we got it sorted out. Not stressful at all… We looked at the history log on the pump and he was apparently off his medication for about 3 hours. One more hour and we would have had to take him to the hospital. Though scary, we got lucky that she woke up and told us, and more lucky that Blake has been fine all day showing no symptoms.

Scarlett shows such love for Blake. She demonstrates empathy and a deeper level of compassion, care and understanding than you’d think a four year old could be capable. A special soul for sure.

As we drove past Rady’s this afternoon, unsolicited she said out the window, “Hi Rady’s, thank you for taking care of my brother.” Instant tears for Mama. In the meantime, we are thanking HER for taking care of her brother.

Last week she stole this kiss – no prompting, just pure sibling love. ❤️

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