So Much Love For The Rady’s Team

Leah Davis / October 20, 2017

There aren’t enough THANK YOUs for everyone who helped us, or who made a difference in the lives of others and who continue to help create positivity in our world, but #forblake, we plan to keep the gratitude going.

While this doesn’t replace our vision of a healthy Blake as an older boy returning with balloons, we wanted to offer a special thank you for the Rady’s team now. These amazing people that work in the PICU and CVICU were practically our roommates for 76 days.

Much of the staff knew that the lizard was our symbol of hope, and heard our story of why. Lizards were sacred in our room, we had bought dozens of little plastic ones at the gift shop. Many of the nurses attached them to their badges, the doctors kept them at their desks and our surgeon had one in his pocket every single day.

This past week, Blake returned with a wagon full of cookies as a thank you and brought lizzies for those in need of a little extra hope. Our special thank you included the actual lizard symbolism they likely had never read, but helped believe in.

We were warmly greeted by so many loving faces we miss and are so thankful for. One nurse ran over to us and said, “I saw the lizards and knew Blake must be here!” So much love for the Rady’s team. ❤️?

#forevergrateful #RadysFamily #forblake #teamblake



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