Thankful For Blake

Leah Davis / November 28, 2019

What to do for Thanksgiving was particularly tough this year. We considered ditching tradition, going away, ignoring it – but there was no right answer. The desire to escape the potential sadness of this holiday was equally challenged by the thoughts of a day surrounded by those we love most. The love of our family won.

Instead of stuffing down the pain of Blake’s absence, Rob and I committed to honor him today. We planned to give some holiday treats to both Fire Station 24 and the CVICU.

After leaving a really nice meal with our family this afternoon, we headed to the store to find some desserts to deliver. It’s was raining, the freeway was stopped and it was dreary out. Once we exited, there was a car accident right ahead of us. The cars had spun out and we could see the airbags had deployed. Rob pulled over and ran out to help the girl on our side of the street. I stayed in the car with Scarlett and spoke to the 911 dispatcher. Before I even gave all the details, Blake’s Station 24 ambulance pulled up.

Here we were headed to get something for them, and they’re right in front of us – on the job, just being the heroes they are. The people in the accident were both ok, fortunately, but man these first responders are amazing. Off we went to get our special treats. We took them to the fire house, gave hugs and expressed our gratitude for their efforts with Blake and each day.

Later, we went to Rady’s. We thought we would leave our treats downstairs at the front desk, but unexpectedly they let us actually go up to the cardiac unit. We’ve been to the hospital grounds, but haven’t set foot inside those walls since Blake left. Waves of emotion flooded my body, but we got to see some of the nurses and staff that cared for Blake and mean so much to us. They were spending their Thanksgiving taking care of critically ill kids and brightening the worlds of the families stuck in the worst of situations. They are a special breed, and we are so thankful for them too.

It was a hard, but beautiful day. Blake brought so much light to our lives, and it continues with each good deed done in his name.

We are thankful that Blake chose us as his parents, and we will cherish the time we had and honor him for the rest of our lives.

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