The Kindness List Keeps Growing

Leah Davis / May 13, 2021

Friends – We want to say thank you and acknowledge how amazing, inspiring and powerful this community #ForBlake has become. We still don’t know what to make of all that’s happening, but we are so grateful for each of you being a part of it. As you know, last month would have been Blake’s 5th birthday and I would be remiss not to share a mere snapshot of what took place. I am not even able to list all the good deeds spread #ForBlake – but there are stories of kindness and generosity locally here in San Diego, throughout California to Oregon, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and also in Guam, Japan and as far away as New Zealand!  

  • More than 30 people donated blood
  • Baked goods, sweets and special treats were delivered to first responders
  • Food donations made to local food pantries
  • Meals were cooked for the less fortunate
  • Gifts were given to nurses
  • Medical equipment donated
  • Trees were planted
  • Fast food and coffee purchased in drive-thrus for the next car
  • Books donated for teacher’s classrooms
  • Someone went out of their way to return a wallet
  • A train ticket purchased and ride to the train station given to a stranger
  • Time given to help set up vaccine appointments for those that needed help
  • Toys provided for kids at a park
  • Blake’s story shared at a community park and chalk for kids to draw art #ForBlake
  • A baseball team sponsorship and #ForBlake banner displayed for the community
  • Gift cards given to strangers
  • Lunches provided for co-workers
  • Donations made to Rady Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House

The list goes on and it’s incredible. Thank you to everyone who participated and continues to support our family on our journey. It means the world to know you are thinking of us and Blake, and that his life and story continues to touch the hearts of so many across the nation and beyond.

PS – If you did a good deed or were the recipient of a good deed, we would REALLY appreciate it if you’d take 2 minutes to share it on the website so it can be tracked on the map, and it can be archived among the HUNDREDS of other good deed stories found on

#forevergrateful #gooddeedsforblake

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