Two Families Forever Bonded

Leah Davis / October 13, 2017

We’d like you to meet Carson and the O’Neill family. San Diegans, you may have seen them on the news. They were admitted to Rady’s CVICU about two weeks before us. Through our 11 week stay we met a lot of people, and nearly every family with us on the 3rd floor had a jaw-dropping, mind blowing, unreal story… but this family… this is an amazing family with a story unlike any other.

Carson was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease as a baby and consequentially suffered from a horrific heart attack in June at age 4. Four years old! He underwent surgery to temporarily live with a mechanical heart called a Berlin, and in September ultimately received the most precious gift, a new heart. Though his transplant surgery was just over a month ago, it is with happy tears that we can share – they got to go home!

Our families were both riding unpredictable, torturous rollercoasters across the room from one another. Carson and Blake were on life support at the same time and from early on we lovingly dubbed them “ECMO buddies”. In a pod of 10 rooms, Gina, Carson’s mom and I would watch as every other room turned over. Babies and kids fortunately graduated to the step-down pods daily, but for weeks Carson and Blake were the most severe cases and remained consistent residents in the most intense unit. Our families shared hugs, tears, limitless support and cheers for each victory big or small.

Our miracle boys will likely never remember the extraordinary circumstances that brought us together, but our families are forever bonded. Love you Carson and family!

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Read about Carson’s story here


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