When Strangers Become Family

Leah Davis / December 23, 2017

On 4th of July, when our nightmare began, our family was alone at the park. It felt like a movie scene to somehow be in the middle of an overcrowded suburbia and yet see not one person or one car drive by when we needed help.

After calling 9-1-1 we realized we didn’t know an address or the official name of that park to communicate our location. While shouting for help, Rob pounded on the door of a house across the street. This couple opened their home to a scared, frantic family with an unresponsive baby. They helped and comforted us until the medics barged into their living room. Within 10 minutes we were off in transport to the hospital. It was all a whirlwind that day and still a blur in hindsight. Yet every day we’ve thought about this couple that no doubt was also left traumatized. We didn’t even know their names.

Today again we showed up on their doorstep unannounced, but this time with homemade cookies, a bottle of wine, a card and two vibrant children. Rob and I definitely had some angst approaching their home and again standing at the door of these strangers who were also affected by this experience. We hadn’t planned what we’d say. After a few deep breaths, the door opened. Before we could properly introduce ourselves, the man froze. His eyes welled up and reached for a hug as he said, “I know who you are.”

They welcomed us into their home, and we finally exchanged names and our account of the day. Today though, we shared a different kind of tears. Blake ran around their living room with curiosity and excitement as we chatted.

What could have been an uncomfortable and difficult encounter really couldn’t have gone better. Vladimir and Irena were warm, concerned, compassionate people. They referred to us as a new part of their family and asked that we please come by again and stay in touch.

This morning we could have passed by them in the grocery store and not known who they were. Now, we absolutely welcome them as part of our family.

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