A Minivan Mishap

Jake Sabini / August 12, 2020

To start off I can’t say how much I appreciate this couple, they had a minivan with a pop top with concerns it wouldn’t fit in our garage. I’m a valet and this was during one of my shifts. We got it in fine with tons of room after promising them myself I’d take great care of their car…. Sure enough this was my first error on the job I had. I hit a pipe that was above our normal area where we park minivans except they don’t normally have pop tops…

With this situation happening and no way to get ahold of them really, I played the waiting game till they got dinner and when the time arrives I tell them exactly what happened and let them know the options on how we’d take care of it for them. They were extremely kind through the whole ordeal and said it was fine. That was the last time I really saw them that night and I wanted to buy them dinner at the most cause I’m in the wrong while they we’re forging about it.

I was scared I’d get to work today (8/12/20) and there would be a big report about it with my boss on my case. Instead I was given a #ForBlake card by a coworker and my coworkers received a nice tip from them. So I have no way to say thank you for their kindness but I’ll do as they say though and pay it forward. For every paycheck I earn I’ll be buying a meal for someone in need of food, as well as giving them some supplies that’ll last them a few days (water, snacks, protein bars, etc).

So in case the awesome couple reads these, this one’s cause of you guys! Thank you!

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