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Jennifer Lai Calozzi / September 29, 2019

Hi there. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Blake personally and have never met his family but felt compelled to reach out.

I went through the Starbucks drive thru this afternoon and when I got to the window, the barista handed me my order and told me that the person ahead of me had paid for me. She also gave me this little card and said they wanted me to have it. Before giving it a glance (thinking it was some kind of clever marketing gimmick), I offered to pay for the person behind me and started to drive away.

As I did, I glanced down at the card and saw the image of this precious little boy. I quickly read the card and was immediately brought to tears. I am a mother to a 4 year old daughter and even though I don’t personally know Blake’s family or friends, I can’t help but be touched by his story. The way his family chose to honor his legacy through random acts of kindness and good deeds is so inspiring.

I saw that Blake’s celebration of life was today and I’m sure it was beautiful and full of love. Thank you to the person who chose me to be a small part of this beautiful message. It will always stay with me and I promise to pay it forward in the best way possible #forblake.

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