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A Minivan Mishap

Leah Davis / April 18, 2022

It’s Blake’s birthday week and in honor of what would be his 6th birthday, we’d like to share six good deeds (new and old) that have left a lasting impression.

Let’s kick it off with A Minivan Mishap:

We don’t know the person who shared this story or who gave the kindness card, but wow…the grace and compassion that was shown is really inspiring through what must have been a frustrating and costly experience. The decision to be kind in that moment made an incredible impact. Thank you for thinking of Blake!

There are countless great stories and meaningful gestures…it will be tough to just highlight six! Which ones have stood out to you? (You can view hundreds of good deed stories on the website). 

#ForBlake #gooddeedsforblake #forevergrateful

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