5 Gallons

Eric Rodig / August 21, 2021

Mesmerized by the numbers spinning at a $ 4.00 +/ gal. gas pump, I wasn’t aware of my surrounding until I heard “Hey, buddy can you help me out.” Looking up I saw a man who’s tattooed body and toothless mouth told me he had been in a lot of wrong places at the wrong times.

His beat up car was parked by the pump across from me but he had no money for gas. My first thought was {why me}. Well, I gave him 5 dollars figuring that was a cheap ransom but as I continued to fill my car it dawned on me that my 5 bucks was only sufficient for little more than one gallon.

I can’t explain it but I said to my new friend: “If my hose can reach your car I’ll buy you 5 gallons.” Well it did and we put 5 gallons worth into his car. This man’s face lit up with a wonderful toothless smile. He high fived me and I could see a huge burden had been lifted from him. I probably shouldn’t have, but I asked for and got my $5.00 back.

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