A Happier Place

Annonymous (Posted by Rob) / July 24, 2017

This was sent to my messenger.

Like you I too am very private… so I wanted to share my story with you and Leah. Today I had a super crazy day that led me to the Del Mar area… I was super hungry so I ended up in Mira Mesa area at a sandwich place. As I was sitting there a homeless man walked in …he was probably in this 60s. He went to the counter and paid in change for a drink. He then went and sat down. I walked up to him and asked if I could buy him dinner. He was so happy!! As I handed him his food…I just said pay it forward when you can. I shook his hand and asked his name… He said my name is Rob!! Instant tears filled my eyes. Blake is making this world a happier place every single day!! God Bless you guys!!



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