A Little Warmth

Robin Rodig / November 12, 2017

On this special #TeamBlake event day, I feel particularly grateful. This morning on my daily 7-11 coffee run, I met Gene. Sitting on the ground, he asked for any spare change as I was walking in the store. When I realized at the counter that I had not just one, but two free cups of coffee coming to me, I couldn’t help but pop out and see if Gene would like one. He was humbled, gracious and did not want to impose. I came back out with his black coffee and gave him whatever change I had. He heartily thanked me and said “It gets pretty cold out here.” It choked me up. As I started toward my car, he volunteered, “My name is Gene”. I introduced myself and we shook hands. I couldn’t help but take a picture of us as a reminder that it never takes much to connect with others (especially out of our comfort zone) and the potential impact it may have. As small as it may be.

Thank you for the nudge Little Bud. ❤️

I went back a bit later to invite Gene to Blake’s Moana event today.

Unfortunately he wasn’t there but I’ll continue to look out for him. #teamblake #gooddeedsforblake

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