A Small Gesture

Liz Mc Quilan Vigus / September 12, 2017

So I was driving home today waiting at the light of a busy intersection about 4 cars back when our light changed and my lane didn’t move. The cars in front of me started honking at the RV that was in our lane not moving and started going around the RV. As I got closer I noticed the emergency flashers were on and everyone around him honking and throwing their hands up. Well this made me think of 2 things. First, when I ran out of gas and people were just getting angry not asking if I needed help. And second, of Blake so I pulled up behind him threw it into park, put my flashers on and got out to see if they were ok. Very nice apologetic guy was at the wheel and said it just died but he has help coming. I told him not to worry it happens to the best of us and that I’d stick around and help direct traffic until help came which he of course thanked me for. And so that’s what’s I did. Just one person helping another person out. As soon as the RV was moved I just hoped in my car and left. Doesn’t have to be about the thank you or recognition just about being a decent human being to another in need. A small gesture of kindness, that only cost me a bit of time, that means so much to someone else. That’s what it’s all about. Hope Blake likes the story.

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