A Smile In My Heart

Deborah / January 19, 2020

I seen your story on the news just now, it just touched my heart, your precious son will truly live on. My deepest sympathy. So I wanted to leave an act of kindness that was paid to me.

I was at a Starbucks one morning in the drive thru, I order my coffee, now I’m waiting for my turn to to pay. I drive up ready to pay. The girl said “The driver in front of you paid for your coffee.”
I ordered a Carmel frappuccino it was 5 dollars, that has never happened to me ever. I truly was touched. So when I was able to do the same, I returned the good deed, and paid it forward, and paid for someone’s coffee, one catch, I didn’t know I was paying for 3 coffees. The girl at Starbucks said “are you sure?” I said yes, their amount was about 15 dollars, but you know what, I left there with a smile in my heart.

It made my day. And I promise to always do something kind whether free or not free.
I’m in. My act of kindness will be in memory of your sweet Angel,
God bless,
You’re truly amazing
Deborah otero

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