A Sweetie Reunion

Claudia Mengelt / March 31, 2019

Thank you Leah Rodig Davis and Blakie for inspiring us all to do #gooddeedsforBlake❣️ thank you #teamblake for all of your donations to help her owner with future pet food cost and vet bills (we raised over $500 in donations)

I wish all of you could have watched the joy I was privileged to witness last night when Sweetie got reunited with her owner, Chris. Seeing this happy reunion was a HUGE reward for a gooddeedforblake that my family committed to at the beginning of January. Fostering Sweetie (Campfire survivor) was the most fun, rewarding, hilarious, and exhausting gooddeed so far. My heart grew so much bigger thanks to experiencing her love and joy. We will miss her silliness, wagging, and her mischief. Blakie, what wonderful, deserving soul will you bring into my life next? I’m ready



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