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Sharon Belknap / January 17, 2019

The kindness of strangers found me today. Right when I needed it. And Blake was all around. (I didn’t know how to share Sharon Belknap’s post to the group, so I’m just copying it.)

“Just seconds ago, walking along the coast highway on this grey chilly morning, I look ahead and see a woman sitting on the curb, facing the ocean. I immediately recognize her posture, the hunch in her shoulders, her searching gaze out into the sea. I don’t recognize her as someone I know but as someone I’ve been. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Tidbit of Love, not any Tidbit, the Tidbit. As I walked toward her my instincts are affirmed as she wipes her eyes. She senses my presence and looks up. I simply say, “a bit of my art for you.” With curiosity and trust she accepts my gift and turns it over reading the words, “Be brave, believe in you!” She begins to cry, I get down to her level and she hugs me, we hug. In my ear she says, “thank you..thank you…”. My response, “I see you” (thank you Andie Thompson) and then, “You’ve got this.” (Thank you Dad & Aunt Donna) and that’s all I say. She straightens her posture, firmly nods her head and says, “Yes, thank you, I know I do.” We look into each other’s eyes and smile through our tears.”

Part 2 of my last post… After backtracking my steps in the rain to find Sharon again to give her Blake’s story.

“Call it magic, miracles, blessings or serendipity, Robin just found me. (Please read my previous post) Minutes after our exchange, she standing in front of me and extending her own gift, a piece of paper with a photo of a smiling little boy. But now she’s smiling, she’s crying a different kind of tears, tears of absolute wonder and joy! I know these tears too. We just stood in the rain, rapid fire sharing. It’s what happens when all of the aforementioned synchronizes with people open hearts. A flurry and outpouring of details that lined up to create this moment. Here’s what it reads on the note she gave me. “Just days ago, two-year-old Blake received his angel wings. His parents have asked to please honor him by going out of your way to help or do something nice for someone, even a stranger. It will help inspire others to do the same, lift their spirits, and Blake will continue to impact our world.” Then it struck me and I put my face up in the rain and yell out, “It’s Blake! We love you Blake.” #ForBlake Facebook: For Blake”

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