Bands For Blake

Tommy Ko / July 18, 2017

I have known Leah for over half my life growing up and she’s has always had an amazing spirit and kind heart. When we heard what Happened like all of you were heart broken. My wife Tamara Lee being a trauma icu nurse and her ever wiliness to want to help. Insisted We must do something. Through Tamara’s business she has come up with a few ways to help. Starting July 16th -July 23rd Tamara will be donating 40% of all her company sales whether online or in her stores to Leah and family . We have also made Blake support bands. 100% of the revenue from these bands will be donated as well for as long as people want them. It’s our hope to get thousands of these bands out there to show the love and support each of you have while also helping Leah and family through this difficult time. The bands can be purchased online here we will also be doing a fundraiser in our Rockwall Texas store for anyone local. Our prayers and well wishes are with everyone and hope to see Blake running jumping and playing soon. If anyone has any questions please send an email to

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