Birthday Generosity

Jaquelyn / January 9, 2020

I think of Blake and his family often. It seems that hardly a day goes where I don’t think of them for one reason or another. Yesterday was my birthday, and I was thinking how I could make the day special. I had received a “free coffee” from Dunkin’ Donuts for the occasion. While I was sitting in the drive thru line waiting to redeem it, Blake came to mind. I had a small stack of kindness cards in my wallet and decided to pay it forward by paying for the order in the car behind me and asked him to give them one of the kindness cards for me.

The guy working the drive thru window was so surprised that someone who didn’t have to pay for their own coffee, would offer to pay for the two coffee’s and donuts of the person behind them. It was a small gesture, but it made me smile knowing that on “my day” I could help brighten someone else’s day as well. Thank you Blake for the reminder!

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